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Earthi Ayurvedic Products

In the deepest of forests, where twigs entwine with roots, lies the ultimate magic formula waiting to sway the perception of beauty in ways unimagined. earthi, the love-child of earth begets its name from her mother who has been around longer than life itself. The finest of herbs and fruits from nooks and crannies of the earth were historically said to have played quintessential roles in self care However archaic, these methods amplify elegance and minimalistic beauty.

earthi’s promise

We at earthi always believed that our body is a temple. We worship Earth and it's elements understanding the connectivity between nature health and beauty. After 40 years of extensive research we have come  to realize mother Earth is a treasure trove of Beauty secrets and nature's gift is the only source of obtaining ingredients that can work towards the wellness of beauty and healthy life.So here we are with earthi made out of raw and pure naturals that will be gentle on ur skin and help u lead a healthy life.

Food For Thoughts

As the age old saying claims ‘You are what you eat’, earthi reciprocates the affection with our faith in seeking beauty and care in the arms of what we consume on a daily basis. All of our ingredients are charged with nutrients and are edible to give you an edge, nourishment from within for you to stand out from the rest of the world and stand with the earth. Because when you apply what you eat, you glow from within.

Curative Botanicals

Our ingredients are made up of space, air, fire, water, earth and serenity. For us, bringing together the spirit of each element for a grander purpose replicates the very structure of life in a nutshell. The mother of all healing constitutes an assortment of herbs, leaves, fruits and extracts of valuables that have unparalleled benefits.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Home is where our heart is and it is none other than earth itself. We take solace in the greens that reverberate the sound of divinity and raining droplets of purity. Ensuring that the earth is a safe place is our foremost priority. Hence, our innovation in packaging includes caution and care so as to not cause even the tiniest of harm to the environment.

Ten Million Hearts

We regard nature as the personification of beauty and strive to make sure all our products contain its elegant touch which has satisfied more than 10 million customers around the globe and counting rapidly.

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